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Sunday, May 31, 2009

FREE Download Barron's Word List (Vocabulary) Audio Files - GRE TOEFL IELTS GMAT SAT CAT MBA Verbal Preparation

An excellent audio tutorial !
Prepare for GRE Verbal using Barron's Wordlist in Audio format. Download these audio files in your mobile, i-pods , desktops and laptops .
Kindly click on the Link to download Word List (Vocabulary) Audio Files :
Word List Abase to Amulet mp3 (28.2 MB)
Word List Anathema to Barb mp3 (14.2 MB)
Word List Barefaced to buxom mp3 (8.7 MB)
Word List Cabal to Charishma mp3 (5.4 MB )
Word List Charlatan to Dispassionate mp3 (10.9 MB)
Word List Dishevelled to Frolicsome mp3 (21 MB)
Word List Formidable to Inkling mp3 (21 MB)
Word List Innate to Inveigle mp3 ( 3.3 MB)
Word List Inverse to Mace mp3 (9.25 MB)
Word List Machiavellian to Narrative mp3 (12 MB)
Word List Nascent to Precocious mp3 (21 MB)
Word List Precursor to Rout mp3 (21 MB)
Word List Rubble to Swerve mp3 (21 MB)
Word List Swill to Vignette mp3 (20.8 MB)
Word List Vilify to Zephyr mp3 (6.5 MB)

I appreciate GRE Krupa for providing free audios . I am republishing for the benefit of students .

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  14. Does anyone want to send me a toefl vocabulary list? I would be willing to pay if it were completely necessary. Please help me!

  15. Hello I would like to download the lists but it turns out that the link doesn't work, is it possible to fix it?

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